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Wolnzach celebrated its 1200th anniversary in 2014. The history of the place, its culture and people are marked by hops. And yet it is still an innovative, up-and-coming, future-oriented location with an optimal infrastructure.

It is not without reason that the largest hop-producing community is considered to be the undisputed hop centre. All important institutions related to hop cultivation are located here, including the German Hop Museum. Wolnzach also had the first “hop seal” of the Hallertau.

Some of the sights are worth seeing:

  • the historic market square with a listed ensemble of buildings and the historic town hall
  • the three-nave, neo-baroque parish church of St. Laurentius, which is popularly known as the “Cathedral of Hallertau”
  • the German Hop Museum, with a permanent exhibition that is divided into three sections: “Time Journey of Hop”, “Working Pictures” and “Green Gold – the Hop as a Commercial Plant”, and constantly changing exhibitions such as “Teddy Bears in Hop Land” or a “Lego Exhibition”
  • the seminars in the German Hop Museum: beer seminars, beer & chocolate, beer cooking course, beer brewing course
  • the “Museum of Cultural History of the Hand” with seven different exhibition rooms
  • the 4 km long Hallertau nature trail with 26 informative signs
  • Guided tours of the brewery at Bürgerbräu or Lamplbräu
  • Visiting hops harvesting
  • the Wolnzach swimming and adventure pool with 50m swimming pool, play and fun pool with wide slide and tube slide, as well as stream channel and water mushroom, warm wellness pool with swan neck showers, a paddling pool with various water depths and toddler slide
  • numerous cycle and hiking trails for walking, running, walking, cycling or skating

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One third of the world’s hops requirements are cultivated in the Hallertau. This makes Hallertau the world’s largest hop growing region.

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